Daily Prompt: Memorize

In response to daily prompt : Memorize

Johnny goes shopping!

Johnny’s mother sent him to buy some groceries for her. She volunteered to write a list of all the things she wanted. Mom said Johnny,  ‘I’ll remember you don’t need to write a list.’

Little Johnny repeated everything his mom wanted. Every now and then he said out loud,  ‘mom wants a bag of sugar, a packet of tea, a litre of milk, a pound of flour, a dozen eggs.

His aim was to go to the little corner store, while walking along the road, he met his friend, Donny. They stopped and started talking, Donny said,  ‘John let’s watch the soccer match.’

‘No,’ said Johnny,  ‘I’m going  grocery shopping  for my mom, I can’t watch the match.’

‘Please,’  said Donny,   ‘just for five minutes.’

‘Okay,’ says  Johnny,  ‘only five minutes, mom needs these soon.’

Donny says,  ‘let me see the list.’

‘It’s in my brain,’ yelled Johnny!

‘Did you memorize the list?’  asked Donny.

‘Yes,’ Johnny  was losing his temper.

‘I bet you don’t remember,’ Donny laughed.

‘Yes I do,’  Johnny was angry and tried to remember, the list. He tried to repeat it.

Let me see, a pound of eggs, coffee beans, a jar of salt, and potatoes. He felt confident these are the things his mom wanted.

While buying groceries, he couldn’t remember how many potatoes he should buy. He picked up salt, coffee and a dozen roses. When he asked the sales girl for a pound of eggs, the girl burst out laughing, ‘We do not sell eggs by the pound, they come in half a dozen or a dozen, check your list.’  She said.

Johnny’s memory  failed him, what will he do?

He paid for the rest of the items but left out eggs.

He found his mom waiting at the door,   ‘What took you so long?’ She said.

With tears in his eyes he admitted, ‘Mom I’m so sorry I could not remember the things you wanted!’