Daily Prompt : Anticipate

In response to one-word prompt : Anticipate

It was  my first year of teaching, I had thirty-three  children in my class. Our principal was responsible for dividing boys and girls equally in each of our fourth grade class. Something wasn’t right I had 28 boys and five girls in my class.

I looked at the boys and girls and anticipated  trouble from the boys, I stayed calm, thinking I shouldn’t have problems with them, they are only nine years old.

Among the boys there was one whose father was a Physician, he was unruly, ill-mannered and was fearless, none of the teachers wanted him in their class, so this job was thrust upon me.

I watched him daily, made a note of all the unacceptable things he did, I waited for the day when we’d have Parent-Teacher interviews.

In October we got the schedule for  interviews. I was ready for the mother, I knew her because my husband was a Physician too, we met at a party. So Mrs. was happy to know about her son from me and was certain, I’d praise her son, how smart he was, she could not foretell about her child’s behavior at school, in her mind he was well-behaved, none of the teachers in the lower grade complained, it was natural for her to think, her son was perfect.

After the introductory salutation, I  began relating everything negative about him, such as going to neighbors’ yards knocking down their clothes hung outside and reminding everyone his father is a doctor. He used inappropriate language, no one checked him, he thought it was okay to behave the way he did.

The mother was furious, perhaps she thought I was lying. That evening she visited her friend and complained about me. Then she asked her if she ever found him as bad as I said he was.

Her friend told her, ‘everything she said is true.’

She came back to see me again, she apologized for not believing me and was unhappy the other teachers did not mention anything about his behavior.

I thought I was morally responsible to tell the parents about their child good as well as bad, they were nine – year old kids who must know the difference between right and wrong!

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