Daily Prompt : Recreate

In response to prompt : Recreate

I wish I can Recreate my days of childhood,

So many things has to fall in place to do it.

Life was simple, we were happy and contented,

We were not unhappy if we didn’t get what we wanted.

We had loving parents, we were happy siblings,

We are grown up now and  selfish for little things.

The whole world has changed people are not innocent,

Me first is the cry I hear, which to me is hardly decent.

I wish God will help us  become the people we were,

And take away all the evil things that make us err.

Will tomorrow change  our evil ways?

And replace, refresh and remodel our days!

………………………………… 🙂



Daily Prompt : Flavorful

In response to prompt : Flavorful

Some meats taste better on the second day, such as beef.  Beef as a rule is flavorful, if it is left one day after cooking, it tastes better.

Other meats such as chicken, is not flavorful, the first day,  and tastes worse the second day. Perhaps there is a way to make this tasty, my mom knew it, which I didn’t inherit from her. I always disliked chicken, my mom forced me to eat it, but she was such a good cook, anything she cooked was delicious, I’m sure even grass would be delicious if she cared to cook it.

One can tell I’m a fan of beef, too bad red meat is bad for health. It’s delicious anyway you cook it.

I like all kinds of fish, the only exception is Salmon. I don’t know why I get a terrible feeling when I eat this fish, perhaps farming is the reason.

Coming back to beef, there are so many ways to cook it, grilling, roasting, and curry. If all humans liked beef the way I do. The planet will have another animal listed in the Extinct Category!

I hope not.   😦

…………………………………………. 🙂