Daily Prompt : Coincidence

In response to prompt : Coincidence

I went to Lahore Pakistan to study B.Ed.. It was a great experience for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. When our college for a week for holidays, I went to Rawalpindi to spend the week with friends whom we knew for a long time.

One day some of the family members took me to the shopping centre, while we were walking around we accidentally met two princesses from Hamza in Swat state near Peshawar.  They were very friendly, we talked for sometime. One of my friends was shy and was too embarrassed to talk to them, I told her I’d introduce her, so she could become the friend of the princesses.

Later my friend told me they visited each other’s house.  I thought what a sweet coincidence, now my friend can talk about her experience with the princesses.

………………………………. 🙂


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