Daily Prompt : Interest

In response to prompt : Interest

I never had any interest in watching baseball. Suddenly I found out the Blue Jays, a Canadian team made it to the world series.

Everything changed I couldn’t wait to watch the world series, we counted the time they’d show the game on TV, we’d finish everything so we could watch the game, each day was stressful, luckily our Canadian team signed up some great players, they were the best.

I remember it was the seventh game  our team’s pitcher loaded the bases, now the opponents  got a chance to hit a home run,  if they did it would be a  grand slam. I imagined how the opponents would celebrate.

The manager changed the pitcher,  he  struck out the batters one by one. Next it was our team’s turn to bat. The pitcher of the opposing team  loaded the bases, Joe  of the Blue Jays came to bat he hit the ball so hard, the ball flew out of  reach of the opposing team all the players in the bases scored and Blue Jays won the World Series, it was an  interesting game I watched.

WOW I Thought Imagine the Canadian Team Won!