Daily Prompt : Genius

In response to daily prompt :  Genius

A long time ago when we were kids, we met a tailor, he fled from his birthplace in India during the communal riots, and came to Rawalpindi.

Fortunately he opened his shop in front of our house.

One day he came to our house and asked my mom if she had a sewing machine, mom said, ‘Yes.’

He told my mom his story, how he ran away from India with his family, that he was a tailor by profession.

He asked,  ‘Will you lend me your machine, if you do I’ll stitch your clothes free?’

Mom was known for helping anyone in trouble. She lent her machine to the tailor, the man as promised did not charge us for stitching our clothes.

As we got to know him we’d take some magazines and ask him if he could stitch a dress like the one in the picture.

He said, ‘Yes I can make a dress exactly like this, you have to get the fabric you like.’

The first time we gave  him the fabric, he stitched the dress exactly like the picture in the magazine, I thought, WOW! this guy is a “Genius!”

…………………………………….. 🙂