Daily Prompt : Fraud

In response to daily prompt :  Fraud

At a time when certain groups in the world earn their living by cheating, it’s important  for innocent people to trust no one.

The other day there was an article in Reader’s Digest, it tells us to use caution when throwing away receipts, especially when we use a credit card  to pay for the goods we buy.

I bought a shredder to shred anything important before I throw away the receipts, sometimes I wonder if going paperless is the way to go.

Technology is awesome but it can also hurt us if we are negligent.

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6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt : Fraud

  1. I only shred other people’s receipts if I find them discarded in the street – they usually don’t have enough info for fraudsters to use them (but I also keep them till the ink fades in case they’re a missing person or something awful and maybe they were Hansel/Gretel along the way of a finding…I keep my own receipts for everything and these days when some might try and accuse a householder of buying stolen goods being able to prove a purchase from twenty or more years ago seems a good enough reason to me to hang onto those archival records! Aren’t some people awful! Fortunately they are very much a minority – only one bad apple spoils the whole cart – and fera of crime is much bigger than the actual incidents, apparently. Best wishes.

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