Daily Prompt : Release

In response to daily prompt : Release

This morning @ 9:20 am. I finished the book, ” Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, by Jules Verne.”

All through the book I waited to know if Monsieur Aronnax,  Conseil, and The Canadian, will ever be released from their prison, the Nautilus.

While in the ship they visited unbelievable places, their enjoyment suffered when they realized they were not free.

I remember, once I was very sick and the physician said, ‘I’ll have to admit you in the hospital.’

I went to the hospital, I was there for about ten minutes, I suddenly heard the moaning and groaning of some patients, I stood up from my seat and left immediately. As a patient you feel well, they’ll let me go when I am better. I didn’t wait, I made myself believe I’m not sick, hence this is not a place for me.

But those three who were rescued from the sea and brought in the ship, were not sure they will ever come out of this prison alive and see their loved ones.

It’s a wonderful book, there is a lot of entertainment and drama, one cannot but finish reading it till the end, which is what I did!

…………………………….. 🙂


Daily Prompt : Express

In response to daily prompt : Express

Caught between Express and Impress,

I put my mind in a terrible stress.

I tried my best to convey my thought,

My words jumbled and I sounded rot.

I took a short breath and tried to talk,

But the interviewer was in a shock.

On the paper he said, ‘Goodbye,’

Perhaps tomorrow give one more try!

…………………………………. 😦