Daily Prompt : Trademark

In response to daily prompt :  Trademark

I sometimes wonder  if it’s a good idea to go for brand name only, as consumers. I remember for years we bought parkas made by ‘Eddie Bauer,’ they were good I admit. But over the years the company was sold to someone else,  but they used  the ‘Eddie Bauer,’ logo.  The reason was they wanted to use the name to sell it at the same price, they were making money, but the quality of their clothes were not as good.

We the consumers thought we’re buying the best brand and paying a high price. When we compared with the parkas we bought before, the comparison was astounding. The new ones were of inferior quality than the old ones.

We had no idea the company had changed owners, the current owners did not live up to the name of Eddie Bauer. When we realized it we stopped buying, ‘Eddie Bauer,’   Parkas.

Perhaps as consumers we need to see the product we are buying, if it satisfies us, we spend our money, regardless of the Trademark!

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6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt : Trademark

  1. Yes, I have also experienced setbacks when certain products of known trademarks turned out to be less than what was expected. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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