Daily Prompt: Neophyte

In response to one word prompt : Neophyte

As a Neophyte the infant’s world is rather small,

His mother, his nurse, his busy father that’s all.

In his early days he embraces   his precious Mom,

She feeds him, changes him and keeps him calm.

The days turn to months and then to years,

His world gets larger and with it the fears.

Who are these people he wonders out loud,

Why  is there such a strange crowd.

‘It’s your birthday,’ someone shouts,

‘I know mom and dad, what’s birthday,’ he pouts.

The crowd brings him presents and sings,

‘Happy birthday to our king of kings.’

‘I want to sleep, he tells his mother,

Tell them to go away, he yells, father !’

…………………………….. 🙂