Daily Prompt : Mushroom

In response to prompt : Mushroom

Frogs Umbrella

When we were little kids we had a  lot of wild mushrooms growing in our yard. We called them, ‘Frogs Umbrella,’ I know it’s a strange name for mushrooms. Our mom told us not to touch them for they’re poisonous she said.

One of my brothers’ wanted to experiment what will happen, if he ate one. My other siblings dared him to do so. I was not one of them, I was away in college.

I came home to spend my holidays with mom and my siblings. When I entered the house I noticed my brother with a  mouth so swollen, it resembled a balloon.

I asked mom, ‘what’s wrong?’

‘It’s your crazy brother, he tried to eat the mushroom, even though I told him not to. It troubled me to see him with a swollen mouth, it was so bad he could not talk.

It took days to cure his condition.

When I saw mushrooms for sale in the supermarket, it reminded me of my brother. I was always afraid and could not understand why people in North America like it so much.

I needed a lot of courage to cook and eat it. but the fear remains in my heart about, mushroom!’

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