Daily Prompt : Relate

In response to one-word prompt: Relate

Several years ago I met Mini in the university Of Dhaka. I heard from other girls she finished  her undergraduate degree from Calcutta University now they renamed the city to  Kolkata.

I used to observe her  from a distance, I found out she was  a daughter of wealthy parents, therefore money was not a problem for her. I was not as blessed as her, because my Dad passed away when I just turned twelve.

Mini was also pursuing her post graduate degree in History, she was in my class but I had no interaction with her.

One day on my way to the Public Library she insisted to come along with me. I was so surprised I asked, ‘Do you really want to go with me?’

She said, ‘I want to see the library and  borrow some books.’

The Library was across the street from our residence, it hardly took five minutes to get there.

We went in got our seats, I was about to get up to find a book to take notes, she stopped me, ‘wait, ‘  she said,  ‘I want to ask something.’

It was another moment of surprise for me, I looked at her and she said,   ‘why did you not tell me Haseena is very selfish.’

I told her, ‘I had no reason to.’

She then turned around and replied, ‘I asked Haseena, why is this girl so conceited?’

Inwardly I thought WOW!  This one makes up her mind pretty quickly.

I asked, ‘You don’t know me why would you think I’m conceited?’

Her reply,    ‘because you  are always so quiet.’

I let her know then I’m not so outgoing it takes me a while to warm up to a stranger.

After our discussion on that day we became very good friends.

I wanted to relate how Mini And I became friends!

…………………………………. 🙂