Daily Prompt : Almost

In response to one-word prompt : Almost

On my way to the bus stop, I crossed the street, I walked a few steps and was close to the stop, when I noticed the bus pulling away I wished I came   five minutes earlier.

I was  almost there, I took a few steps now that I  missed the bus, wondering should I go home or wait another thirty minutes to get the next bus.

I could not decide if I should stay or leave, my hesitancy kept me on the spot for at least twenty minutes. I convinced me  all I need is ten minutes, to get the bus.

Ten minutes  vanished like a puff of smoke. I looked up, saw the bus coming,  I congratulated myself for my patience to WAIT!

…………………………………… 🙂

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt : Almost

    • Dear Robert,
      I always heard the proverb, ‘Patience is the mother of virtue.’ So I decided to experience it, happily enough I found out it really is true.
      Thank you for your nice comment. 🙂

    • At that time I wasn’t so happy knowing, I’ll have to wait another thirty minutes in a cold shed.
      It worked out, even though my challenge was tested I somehow overcame it. 🙂

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