Daily Prompt : Viable

In response to prompt : Viable

How I Chose My Profession

While growing up as a child of fourteen I thought about my education. There were a lot of subjects I wanted to take as my major in college, but my lack of interest in studying for hours, was the cause why my mind told me it wasn’t a realistic aim.

I gave up my thought of studying Economics and made up mind that the most viable option for me was History.

It was practical for me, given the fact, I had a good memory. When I completed the Post Graduate degree,  I had no idea how I could earn my living with this degree.

One day I  walked to the common room in my  residence. I picked up the newspaper and looked for the classified ads. It was as if the heavens wanted to help me out, printed in large headline was Scholarship. Instantly I  read the ad and was on cloud nine, tore the corner of the page and immediately decided, I want to join the teaching profession.

I applied never doubting that I won’t get the scholarship. Two weeks later, a man in uniform rang the doorbell and asked to speak to Chaman Ara. This turn of nature stunned me.

I went to see the gentlemen for an interview. I was nervous but their pleasant faces removed my fear, it went well, and I got the scholarship.

In the end I told myself, getting a teaching job was achievable for me!

…………………………………….. 🙂