Daily Prompt : Blink

In response to prompt : Blink

Tim’s silly eyelash

Blink, blink went Tim’s eye without stopping,

Mom laughed and said, ‘What are you doing?’

‘Something’s gone in my left eye, I am trying,

To get rid of this evil thing by blinking.’

‘Oh dear,’ says Mom, ‘let me see if I can help,’

‘But Mom you’re not a doctor, take me  to  Dr. Phelp.’

Away mom drives  car without watching  speed limit,

Cop in the middle says, ‘Wait, my dear  lady a minute.

This is not a highway, I’d like you to know,’

‘I must get to the doctor, please let me go.

My son is in trouble with his left eye,

Only Doc can help she let off a sigh!’

Dr. Phelp was ready  to see his patient,

Tim entered with his mom looking ancient.

‘What is  wrong, tell  me dear little lad?

I’ll make you better, it hurts me to see you sad!’

‘Can  you take this thing out of my eye?’

‘I sure can if you let me see your eye,

There, sitting in your eye is your tiny eyelash.

It is no trouble I will remove it in a dash!

…………………………….. 🙂










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