Daily Prompt : Creature

In response to prompt : Creature

My Mom’s Favorite Creatures!

We grew up watching my mom and her favorite creatures. Early each morning I saw her feeding our pet dog, she named Tiger.

Once she took care of him next on her list were two white rabbits, they needed no feeding, they were content gobbling up the carrots in our vegetable garden. Instead of shooing them away she’d exclaim,  ‘Aren’t they pretty?’

Of course our gardener could not see eye to eye with that exclamation, he’d give them a nasty look and say, ‘They are ruining my hard work!’

While mom moves along to feed pearl millet to her roosters and hens.

Next she goes to see her favorite cows and stands in awe, ‘I ask what’s wrong Ma?’

In disgust she says, ‘look the snake has sucked all the milk, there’s nothing left for us!’

I nod and say, ‘Ma I didn’t know you have pet snakes too?’

This query brings a broad grin to her face, ‘Silly girl who’d have snakes for pets.’

Got ya I thought they were roaming around and sensed there were cows they could milk, how lucky they thought.

Meanwhile having fed her favorite creatures, she goes into the kitchen to cook food for her not so favorite creatures.

‘Are you thinking we’re not your favorite mom, I say?’

“Go get ready for school she bellows!”

………………………….. 🙂


Daily Prompt : Sympathize

In response to prompt : Sympathize

It’s difficult to sympathize with my friend,

Who  takes a wrong step and suffers in the end.

God gave us brain to   know right from wrong,

If we fail to use our brain we’ll struggle for long.

I hear voters complain about their decision,

To them I’d say too bad you failed to reason!

………………………………. 🙂