Daily Prompt:Permit

In response to prompt : Permit

British Library

One day my friend Zakiah said,  ‘Chaman, would you like to go to the British library?’

I said,  ‘ yes I’d love to go, I want to see what their library looks like.’

We took the underground train to get there, when we reached the library, my friend said, ‘You’ll need a card to go in.’

I went to the desk and asked the librarian for a card. He said,  ‘What are you looking for?’

I looked at him but could not  speak. He smiled and said,  ‘I know you are here with your friend and are not looking for anything, but you need a library card to get in.’

I thought, so the library card is a kind of permit, without it I cannot go inside the library!

…………………………………. 🙂