Daily Prompt : Enrollment

In response to one word prompt : Enrollment


When I started teaching in an elementary school in Gander, Newfoundland, the enrollment was about 900 students in total from kindergarten to grade six.

The following year  the number of kids in school dropped to 850. The administration was nervous over the decline in enrollment. 

The board superintendent of the school decided to hire less teachers and increased the number of kids in a classroom from 25 to 30.

This increased pressure on the homeroom teachers, because not all the kids such as  in grade four,  were of the same calibre, there were some who could handle the course of studies, then there were others whose reading level was two grades lower.

This caused  inconvenience for the teachers. To solve the problem, the supervisors instructed the school principal to divide the children into levels A B C .

This grouping helped the teachers but created some controversy among the parents of kids!

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