Daily Prompt : Suspicious

In response to one-word prompt : Suspicious

The  Suspicious  Stranger

The knock at our door caught my mom’s attention, she opened the door and saw a stranger, who came to look for work.

My mom was in need of a helper, who could do her shopping, and help  her  in the kitchen. She hired him on the spot.

To us kids he was a stranger, who knows where he came from, we made up our mind that he looked suspicious and mom didn’t do the right thing. Our grandpa sent  servants he knew  from the village.

We kept an eye on him, he hardly spoke and his movement around the house seemed questionable.

One evening we heard some noise from the other building near  our main house, we were sitting in the verandah, laughing and saying, ‘hey you thief you better not steal our stuff.’

None of us tried to investigate if there was someone actually in that house who came  to steal.

Next morning we woke up to find there actually was a thief who made off with a lot of our things. The worst part was the servant mom hired, disappeared!

………………………….. 😦