Daily Prompt : Astral

In response to prompt : Astral

Astral or Visionary

Ever since I read , after death  man leaves his astral body on earth,

Astral or sidereal, what is it I thought, it relates to the distant stars,

Or make it more meaningful it is their apparent position in the sky.

If that is so when I see the stars, I’d assume they are my parents,

Discussing their plans with the siblings that joined them about us.

I wish I could magically go and overhear what they are saying about us,

It’d be so awesome no one can understand what a pleasure such a journey is,

For me, for anyone on this earth who is as curious as I am!

………………………………… 🙂






6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt : Astral

  1. Very beautiful and very reminiscent of the special magic of Tagore for drawing in the reader irresistibly into a mysterious world where universe and souls mix 🙂

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