Daily Prompt : Premonition

In response to prompt : Premonition

My Premonition

While walking down the street one day from school,

I had a premonition the biker looking like a fool,

I feared  would  knock me down  and make me fall,

My intuition was right he lost control and I did fall.

The shopkeeper saw it and scolded him wildly,

‘If you can’t ride a bike leave it home,’ he said loudly.

After that accident I have lost my trust on bikers,

What if this biker also  knocks down a hiker!

………………………… 🙂




6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt : Premonition

    • Dear Robert,
      Thank you so much. It’s a true story, I was seven years old, looked back saw the biker coming, I felt afraid, he’d knock me down. Which he did and was scolded by the shopkeeper. 😦

  1. It must have been an awful experience but you have narrated it in such an interesting manner. The second and the last lines are especially so funny (due to the rhyming). Thank you for sharing this 🙂

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