DAily Prompt : Warning

In response to prompt : Warning

A Piece Of Advice

I often wonder when a piece of advice is given to me,

Should I pay attention to it or simply say, ‘who told you?’

My one sibling always thought, ‘if I give her a serious warning,

Which is study hard or you are never going to finish high school.’

This message did not bother me at all and she was angry,

She told all her favorite rich friends, I was a loser,  I’d never succeed.

I cannot tell you if her friends really cared to know  anything about me,

They had many questions on their mind like just leave her alone!

……………………………….. 🙂


Daily Prompt : Frantic

In response to one-word prompt : Frantic

My Simple Mother!

My little brother said, ‘Ranu my exam results will come out today, please pray I remain number One  in the school register.’

I was certain he’d top the class without difficulty. So I said,   ‘I’m sure no one can take your position, you’re the best.’

However I was concerned when he was taking long to come home. I kept  looking out the window , when it was early evening I was Frantic, knowing how much he worked for maintaining  first position in his class. What if someone else takes his place.

I watched from the window, I  saw three friends of my brother bringing him home and my brother was crying.

I was distressed, could not understand what went wrong. My brother lay in bed weeping.

I was so stunned I couldn’t say anything to him, but watched him cry his heart out.

My mom was beside herself, she immediately called a rickshaw and went to his school.

She thought my brother failed the exam, or else why would he cry so much. When she asked the Principal about my brother’s exam results, he told her, he was second in his class.

Mom returned home she had a broad smile on her face. He is second in his class, she said smiling.

Why did you think he’s crying? I asked quietly.

She said she thought my brother failed his exam. I was amazed my mom had no idea how good her son was in his studies!

………………………………. 🙂




Daily Prompt : Quartet

In response to prompt : Quartet

This is a Bengali song from a movie, the singer and the actor is my favorite. I have translated it into English. The song is sung with a full orchestra.

Jibon khatar proti patay,jotoi lekho hishab nikash

kichu robena,lookochurir ei je khela, praner joto deya neya,

purno hobena
কন্ঠ ভরা এ গান শুনে ছুটে তুমি এলে দ্বারে
চোখে দেখেও এতো করেও চেনোনিতো কভু তারে
অবহেলায় সরেও তবু আমায় তুমি নাওগো ডেকে
সে তো কবেনা

যে আঁখি হয়না খুশি আকাশ ভরা তারা দেখে
সেই হাসে কাঁচের ঝাড়ে মোমের বাতি জ্বেলে রেখে

জানি আমি আমারে নয় এ গান আমার ভালোবাসো
নিজের ভুলে পথের ধুলায় পরশ মানিক ফেলে আসো
তোমার গানের ঐ ঠিকানায় দেখেও আমায় তবু কি গো
ডেke lobena

In the pages of life’s book, however many

times you settle the accounts, it will not last.

The game of hide and seek and heart’s give

and take will not be fulfilled.

You came running to the door,

when you heard my song,

You saw the singer countless times,

yet you did not recognize him.

Remove your disregard and accept me,

but you won’t do it I know.

The eye that’s never happy

To see the sky full of stars,

Strangely it finds happiness

watching a single candle light,

in an ordinary  glass case.

I know you love my song and not me,

mistakenly you throw a gem on the street dust.

Could you now welcome me,

When you know I am the singer,

of your favorite song?

……………………………… 🙂




Daily Prompt : Swallow

In response to prompt : Swallow

Perched majestically on the stump

Tell me O pretty Swallow,

Where will you fly away,

So I could try to follow.

In my imagination I’d see your,

Cozy,  nest and pretend,

You’re listening to me dear gorgeous


……………………………… 🙂

Daily Prompt : Talisman

In response to prompt : Talisman

My Talisman

When I passed my twelfth grade I wanted to  study in a girls college to complete my undergraduate degree.

My older siblings decided Dhaka city is the best place, and Holy Cross College was the best educational instituition.

I went to Dhaka and enrolled in the above college. The college was fine and so were the students. I only had one problem it was traveling on the train at 3:30 am. It was one mountain I was afraid to climb.

I told my mother of the fear I had, i.e  going alone in the wee hours of the morning, from Comilla to Dhaka.

Mom told me to recite a verse, she said, ‘it’s  very powerful, if you  recite it while on the train and in Dhaka city, God Willing you’ll be all right.’

This I treated as my Talisman. I felt safe.

The following is the  translation of the Arabic verse:


There is no god but He,

Living and Everlasting.

Neither slumber overtakes Him nor sleep,

To Him belongs what is in the heavens and what is on earth.

Who shall intercede with  Him except by His leave?

He knows their present affairs and their past.

And they do not grasp of His knowledge except what He wills.

His throne encompasses the heavens and the earth;

Preserving them is no burden to Him,

He is the exalted, the Majestic.

Allah, the Most High,  speaks the truth.

Translation by  : Tarif Khalidi



Daily Prompt : Invisible

In response to one-word prompt : Invisible

The Invisible Gift

My maternal uncle was a jolly fellow,

I told him to give his daughter a cello.

Said he, I’ll give her an invisible  guitar,

I protested,  give her a real sitar.

He smiled why give something she can’t play,

An unseen musical instrument will make her imagine,

She’d go to the imaginary world, where she’d pretend,

No one will make fun of her for she’ll be all by herself,

Playing different unheard impossible tunes.

And proudly tell  friends, I can play  phony tunes!

…………………………… 🙂






Daily Prompt : Identical

In response to prompt : Identical

Puzzle Solved!

While taking the roll call of the kids a while ago, I noticed I was hearing the same last name, three times. I lifted my head looked at the kids and asked, ‘Are you kids related ?’

Immediately I heard, ‘We are triplets!’

Wow! I thought three kids, how am I going to know each one if they are indistinguishable.

My problem became simple, when I saw one of them was a girl.

I still had to deal with the two boys who were similar.

I began looking for something, anything that could help me distinguish the two boys.

Seemed like I was able to find one thing that was different between the two boys, yes they were similar,  but there was one thing about them that helped me.

I looked at their faces and found one thing which helped me. One of them had a mean face, and the other one  was sweet.

Eureka I said, ‘I’ve solved the puzzle!’

………………………………. 🙂