Daily Prompt : Messy

In response to prompt : Messy

Messy Spaghetti!

I dislike eating spaghetti, it’s so messy,

While eating it I try caution it’s not easy.

When I first saw it I wondered how will I eat,

These long strands it’s most difficult to beat.

My hubby took a few strands and used the fork to roll it,

I tried to follow his direction, could not really handle it.

The spaghetti and the tomato sauce slid on the floor,

My hubby groaned, ‘you are such a useless bore!’

‘Mess, mess,’ daughter yelled, ‘mommy you are so messy,’

The waiter dashed on the scene and said,  ‘it’s ok my Lassie! ‘  🙂

………………………… 🙂