song, posted and translated by ranu

When time stands still,

My mind refuses to

pay attention to a friend’s call,

I lean on my head

On the window grill,

My thoughts keep

reminding me,

No one talks like my Dad.

He’d say Come,

Come little girl,

Come and sing with me,


Come and learn,

New tunes.

When nothing satisfies you,

Sit and play the tune

On the piano,

Come little girl

Come little girl come.

When my eyes get tired

And my coffee is cold,

I throw away all

the poetry books,

And I  wish I can

Hear my Dad calling ,

Come little girl come,

Come my dear,

Come with me right now,

Let’s get out of this city,

And make a fuss like

You did when you were

A child, you dragged me

away from my work.

Come little girl come,


When I went to  the shop

To buy new beautiful clothes,

I looked at the mirror

and imagined

Dad calling,

come  my darling.

Come my dear let me

see you before anyone else,

I want to see how you fashioned

your hair, what you used

for your eyes,

Every one gets older,

I wonder how many,

Can hear the sweet voice,

like my Dad saying

Come little girl come.

Hold my hand tight,

So I can bring you back

your lost childhood,

Come my dear little girl


…………………………….. :




6 thoughts on “song, posted and translated by ranu

  1. A very touching poem. It is a bliss to be able to hold such feelings, even if they embody some sadness, but the beauty of the feelings is perhaps a reward in themselves. Thank you very much for sharing.

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