Daily Prompt : Talisman

In response to prompt : Talisman

My Talisman

When I passed my twelfth grade I wanted to  study in a girls college to complete my undergraduate degree.

My older siblings decided Dhaka city is the best place, and Holy Cross College was the best educational instituition.

I went to Dhaka and enrolled in the above college. The college was fine and so were the students. I only had one problem it was traveling on the train at 3:30 am. It was one mountain I was afraid to climb.

I told my mother of the fear I had, i.e  going alone in the wee hours of the morning, from Comilla to Dhaka.

Mom told me to recite a verse, she said, ‘it’s  very powerful, if you  recite it while on the train and in Dhaka city, God Willing you’ll be all right.’

This I treated as my Talisman. I felt safe.

The following is the  translation of the Arabic verse:


There is no god but He,

Living and Everlasting.

Neither slumber overtakes Him nor sleep,

To Him belongs what is in the heavens and what is on earth.

Who shall intercede with  Him except by His leave?

He knows their present affairs and their past.

And they do not grasp of His knowledge except what He wills.

His throne encompasses the heavens and the earth;

Preserving them is no burden to Him,

He is the exalted, the Majestic.

Allah, the Most High,  speaks the truth.

Translation by  : Tarif Khalidi