Daily Prompt : Froth

In response to prompt : FROTH

A Frothy Experience!

I washed  the lentils and put it on the stove to cook,

Forgetting all about it till I heard the swishing sound,

I watched in horror  the foam rising and falling,

Please lentil I yelled, calm down stop frothing.

But the pot, the lentil, and stove, kept churning around,

Oh Me Oh my, what will I do, the lentils are running away.

I cannot stop them, then came a voice, ‘you silly human,

Take the pot off the stove this instant was the cranky sermon.’

Alas I did what it said, the result was a soiled stove top,

With a clean wet cloth I kept rubbing the pot,

Hubby came running exclaimed what did you burn?

………………………………… 🙂