Daily Prompt : Genie

In response to prompt : Genie

Arabian night Folklore!

Perhaps it started as a folklore, in my mind we have a little of the Genie in us. I came to this conclusion after reading the prompt. We too can at times create   some magic simply by concentrating on our thoughts.

Of course our creator enables us to do so, when He thinks our cause is genuine. I’d like to share a few anecdotes which may prove my point.

After graduating from the university, I thought of studying further and the best thing for me was an education degree. I shared this idea with my classmate, she suggested to go to another city in Bangladesh where this course  is given.

Next thing we were on our way to Mymensingh. We met the vice Principal, she told us we were two months late, therefore we cannot register for the education degree course.

The Principal thought we had guts therefore she agreed to let us register. Somehow the building itself felt scary and I couldn’t imagine spending a year in that building.

I came back to Dhaka,  I was lost, I had no idea, what I should do. In the meantime I wished I could go somewhere else to complete the degree.

I then went to the common room of our residence,  I picked up a news paper, to my utter disbelief I saw an ad. for scholarships. I applied  and  got  the scholarship..

Did my internal spirit make it happen,  I often wonder?

There were a few others,   But I’d stop here!

……………………………….. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt : Genie

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for sharing with us this inspiring post. Yes…with our thoughts, we create new worlds!

    All good wishes,


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