Daily Prompt : Elaborate

In response to prompt : Elaborate

A Dialogue With My Teacher!

One fine morning I was in my classroom, waiting for the teacher  to ask us to take out our Math homework.

Suddenly I heard my teacher’s voice: Bring your homework, Chaman.

I opened my exercise book and found pages where I did my homework missing. Instantly my body was shaking with fear. I knew I’d be punished, but I did my homework, what happened to it.

The teacher’s voice shook my whole being: Chaman come here now.

Slowly I went to her desk, looked at her and replied:   Miss I did my Math, it’s missing from my book.

The teacher said, I have no time to waste, tell me the truth.

I replied, before going for prayer, my classmate asked me to let her copy my homework, I told her I cannot, I’m getting late for prayer. When I came back I found pages of my homework  missing. I am sure she took them.

The teacher looked at me and said, you have given an elaborate excuse, it better be true.

She called my classmate and asked, did you steal Chaman’s homework?

No I did not she said.

When I heard this I knew I was in trouble,  I almost wanted to cry I really did my work, why won’t the teacher trust me, was all I thought.

The teacher looked at our faces and said,  ‘I  know Chaman told the truth, so Naseem (classmate), this is your punishment for lying: Write a thousand times I will always tell the truth.

I sighed a breath of relief, heard a soft voice, I am not your friend anymore!

…………………………….. 🙂







Song, singer Lata, posted and translated by Ranu

Oh my poor grieving heart, be not afraid of sorrow

One day this heartless world will understand your story

In your hopeful heart, make some space for your wounds

Move on even if your friends add fuel to your burning heart

Do not worry if your life becomes a sad story

You can achieve nothing by complaining

It’s useless to cry, your own can become strangers in a moment

Oh my grieving heart, be not afraid of sorrow!

………………………………….. 🙂