Daily Prompt : Observe

In response to prompt : Observe

Did You Observe!

Observing everything around me is not my greatest strength. If by some mysterious force I manage to notice, it stays with me forever.

I remember the time when I   saw a girl in my class wearing a three strand necklace, I was five years old, that memory still has a place in my heart, I loved it so much.

It’s been a long time, but I mentioned about this fabulous jewellery to my cousin in-law, she immediately got up and said, ‘wait I’ll be back in a few minutes.’

When she came back she was holding a three strand necklace,  ‘this is for you.’

It made me happy to see  a necklace that I wanted for a long time, Thank you God,’  I whispered.

Once I observed a sari, I did not know the guest wearing it, like the necklace it lodged in my brain, I kept thinking, I wish I had one exactly like this.

I asked my friend to buy one for me, she did get one, it was not the same. I told myself it’s okay if I cannot have one like it. It was so pretty.

Years later the same cousin-in-law paid us a visit from California. As soon as she arrived she said,   ‘Chaman, I have a  gift for you.’

When I opened the parcel I  smiled to see, an exact same sari the woman was wearing at the wedding. My cousin thought I didn’t like it, she offered to give me one of a different color.

I held the sari and said, ‘No this is the one I wanted all these years!’

…………………………………….. 🙂