Daily Prompt : Premature

In response to prompt : Premature

Premature Planting Of Shrubs!

One year in the month of June, my husband bought five evergreen shrubs and planted in front of our house. First few days they looked gorgeous and were growing beautifully.

One day the sky suddenly looked ominous, a fierce wind blew suddenly, with it heavy snow. The weight of the snow was too heavy for the shrubs to survive. People in the town believed we planted the shrubs prematurely, that even in the month of June we can expect a snowstorm.

I was sad for this unhappy event, and decided it’s not safe to plant these delicate shrubs in June. After this incidence we gave up the idea of planting evergreens altogether!

………………………………… (:

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt : Premature

  1. It reminded me of your other post about a thin sheet of ice – although in this case it was not a thin sheet but heavy snowfall.

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