Daily Prompt : Awkward

In response to prompt : Awkward

An Awkward Situation!

Some people deliberately put others in an awkward situation. I had the misfortune of knowing someone who enjoyed appearing out of the blue  when she was least expected.

It happened more than once. I recall the time when my aunt and I went to watch a movie in one of the movie halls in my hometown. 

I was about to enter the hall when suddenly I heard a loud voice : So this is where you are!

I turned around, there was my relative laughing, I was furious, I tried to stay calm, but she continued to embarrass me, the person at the door interrupted her: ‘Madam the movie is about to start, can you leave, please.’

Later the gatekeeper apologized and said,  ‘Who is she?’

I just said, ‘someone I know,’ and quietly walked in the theatre with my aunt.

…………………………………. 😦

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