Daily Prompt : Assumption

In response to prompt : Assumption

Wrong Assumption!

Once while walking with my friend on the campus of our university, I saw our linguistic Prof heading our direction. I pointed out in Urdu, dekho mister dari aa rahe hain. Look Mr. Beard is coming.

He overheard while passing by and made no comment. Next morning he said, Miss Sabeth can speak Urdu.

I must clarify why I made this silly assumption, First of all he was an Englishman, secondly his name was Baird not beard, I pretended it was beard which means dari in Urdu. He was English so I guessed he didn’t understand Urdu.

He also mentioned he lived in India for two years. I was embarrassed. It taught me a lesson never to think or assume about someone’s knowledge!

…………………………………… 🙂

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