Daily Prompt : Ceremony

In response to prompt : Ceremony

A Wedding Ceremony!

I was invited to my friend’s wedding ceremony when I was a college student. Her marriage was arranged by her parents. 

We had just finished high school and were in college. The wedding was a simple one. The groom seemed a bit older than my friend. 

My friend wore a red sari and gold jewelry given by her would be parents-in-law. The groom wore the traditional Indian white pants and shirt white shirt, on his head he wore a light turban.

The priest of the mosque performed the ceremony. After the completion of the ceremony the bride and groom had dinner. Then we the guests were seated to have a dinner of pilaf, roasted chicken and curried beef. For dessert  we had sweet yoghurt and gulab jaman and cheese balls in sweet syrup.Gulab Jaman and sweet cheese balls in syrup.We had a grand time, we loved the dessert more than the main course. Indian wedding is all about food and gorgeous saris worn by guests and the bride.

After the ceremony the newly weds went home and we the guests did the same. I had a lot of fun!

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