Daily Prompt : Juxtapose

In response to prompt :  Juxtapose

My Effort To Juxtapose The Talent Of Federer And Nadal!

I know it’s a tall order but I’ll try it anyway,

Both are  excellent tennis players I’d say.

They’re rivals in this amazing sport,

They fulfill their dream on a tennis  court.

If I were to measure on which surface they thrive,

This is where I can compare their gift and drive.

Nadal plays much better on clay and can beat,

Federer and anyone else who dares to compete.

As for Federer he can show his mastery on grass,

Nadal will happily let Federer pass.

If I were to juxtapose these two players,

I’ll say one is a dirt-baller and the other a grass mower!

…………………………………… 🙂


4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt : Juxtapose

    • I watch these tennis players when they play, I thought this would be a superb comparison of them, while the prompt juxtapose couldn’t fit better if I wrote about something else. 🙂

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