Daily Prompt : Broken

In response to prompt :  Broken

An anecdote! 

Years ago my mom told me a story about an incident in her friend’s house.

Her friend agreed to raise a little girl whose parents could not afford to do so. The girl’s parents told the friend to let their daughter help her with small chores. She agreed. 

One day my mom went to visit her friend, who asked her to stay and have a cup of tea. with her.

My mom had heard about the little girl her friend was raising. She asked her how things were, the friend praised the little girl. My mom wanted to see the little one. Her friend asked her to bring a cup of tea for mom.

Minutes passed it was almost an hour but there was no tea. She called the girl and asked why she was taking so long. Slowly the girl came out of the kitchen, teary-eyed, holding a broken cup. When she  asked how did she break the cup, she replied, ‘I didn’t break it, I didn’t break it, the cup fell on the saucer and broke.’ After explaining about the cup, she broke into a loud weeping!

………………………………….. 🙂