Everyday Inspiration, Day eight : Reinvent the Letter Format

Every Day Inspiration, Day Eight: Reinvent the Letter Format

My dearest Dad,

I miss you, I cannot believe you left us when I was twelve years old. At the time I and we the younger siblings thought you will come back, I know now how childish we were. No one comes back after they take their last breath. 

When I’m alone I relive the time when I’d decide to stay home from school, the bus driver would honk louder but I’d hide and try to block my ears to try not to hear it. You would say, ‘Ranu Ma school a geli na? ( Ranu my dear won’t you go to school?) ‘

In reply I’d say: Dad I have a headache.

I never knew what you thought, you seemed to believe me and replied : All right dear!

I made these excuses because I could not finish my homework, in fear of the punishment I’d get. 

There were three excuses I made, they were: I have a headache, I have a tummy ache, and I’m feeling cold. 

You did not get angry you always said: all right my dear.

Now I wonder whether you thought  I’d never finish school or perhaps I’d change as I get older.

I wish you were alive when I finished my education and started teaching. 

Today while writing this I’m feeling that loss again and the voice which always said: all right ma!

I love you Dad.

Yours Affectionately,

…………………………………….. 🙂