Everyday Inspiration, Day Eighteen : A Series of Anecdotes

Day Eighteen : A Series of Anecdotes

“Twelve Ways of Looking at Water.

1) Years ago I remember travelling on a train to go to Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The compartment was full of people, we were quiet, because making any kind of noise was harmful for all of us. Suddenly I was very thirsty, I asked Mom for water, she said, she forgot to carry water. For some reason the train stopped at a deserted place, where I saw a dog bathing in a puddle of water. I was thirsty it didn’t matter if it was dirty water, I agreed to drink it, someone I cannot recall who, got off the compartment with a little glass to get water for me. The water was muddy, the color was reddish, I drank it and did not ask for it any more.

11) My Dad took us to Bangladesh for two months. We stayed at our maternal Grandpa’s house. Grandpa had a large pond,  we used to go on the shallow waters for hours, one day my cousin asked my sister to go over to the cleaner water, this spot was deeper, my sister could not control  herself and almost drowned, thanks to my mother who saved her. We were not allowed to go near the pond, the fun was over.

111)  I got an opportunity to visit Malta for teaching practice in Valetta, Malta. While there my friends and I  were invited to go for  a ride on  a speedboat to visit the ‘Sixth Fleet’, anchored on the Mediterranean sea. It was a rough ride, I was dizzy I could not lift my head to see the rough waves of the sea. The captain of the boat apologised, ‘I’m so sorry,’ he said, ‘You did not enjoy the ride.’

1V)   I went to my husband’s home in the village, it was surrounded by water. On my first day I was very nervous when I had to ride on a rowboat, it was the only way to visit the village.

V)   I taught in a residential school in Dhaka city for two and a quarter years. It was a boys’ school, I was in charge of seventy-five of them, ranging from five to twelve years. One day a group of boys started water fight while bathing, the water flowed out of the bathrooms to the verandah. There were two boys who went crazy, they slipped, bumped into each other, one of them lost two front teeth. The staff called the Principal, he came  right away, he asked me where  was I, what was I doing. I said, ‘I was in my room resting.’

A few weeks ago I gave him my resignation letter. He quietly left, but did show his temper with the ward boys.

V1) Our felines, Gabriel, Raphael, and Sophie love drinking water from the fountain, this love is not extended to taking a bath with water. If they are a nuisance we use our spray bottle to discipline them. You have to spray Raphael several times to stop his bad behavior, Gabriel runs when he sees the bottle, you do not have to spray him, but Sophie she is so scared she runs away when she sees a bottle in my hand.

V11)   Everyone told me I must learn swimming,I tried for a few months. I learned to put my face on the water in the pool and hold my nose and wet my whole body, this is it, people like me will never learn to swim.

V111) Once in Bangkok I wanted a drink of water, ‘which one is it’,  he said ‘carbonated or plain.’

I had no idea which, I asked my husband, with a  broad grin on his entire face, he said, ‘Carbonated.’ I bought two bottles for us, my husband drank his in a jiffy.

I took one sip screwed my face and yelled, ‘you like this?’

1X)   I was making soup for supper, I put enough water so the meat would come off the bones, when I went back to the kitchen, I got a foul smell, there was no water and the bones burned.

X)  I asked my friend to make lentil soup how much water I should use, she said, ‘just guesstimate it, it’d be fine.’

X1) The lesson I learned from that experience is, ‘if you cannot guess, do not leave the kitchen.’

X11) I’m so excited this is my twelfth one, I Wonder why Samuel  Taylor Coleridge said, ‘Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.’ If there was water all around him why couldn’t he take a handful and drink it, provided he was riding a boat. Perhaps he was on an  airplane  circling the Pacific Ocean, which will make sense if that is where he was, of course he couldn’t get a handful of water if his plane was circling the sky. How silly of me!

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