Writing : Intro to Poetry, DaySix : Screen

Poetry, Day Six : Screen

Poetic toolkit : Enjambment

My life resembles a 

Screen of laughter and


I laughed,

when someone tried,

to show off,

and cried when things,

went oh,


I asked my mother why,

don’t our lives,

stay still and stop changing,

She said, 

God wants us to have a taste,

of sorrow,

and happiness,

Because it’s the only,

way humans will know the,


Life is an ever-changing,


……………………………….. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Writing : Intro to Poetry, DaySix : Screen

    • HI Sonya,
      Thank you, as you can see I’m attempting to learn to write a variety of poems using different tools with the help of WordPress. 🙂

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