Everyday Inspiration,Day Six: The Space to Write

Day Six: The Space to Write

When I write I look for a quiet place. My bedroom fits the description. I need a notebook to write  what my assignment is. I then start writing. I need a few things, my laptop, a pen, and my TV in the background, I put it on mute, the continuous repetition of the weather annoys me. 

Why do I have it on? To check the weather forecast  if I feel like going out for a few minutes. Unfortunately past few days the weather is not fit to go anywhere. 

In a way it’s good I can concentrate on the assignment.

I of course need a decent chair to sit on, light because outside is dark, I do hope the rough weather will not cause power failure. These are some things that can motivate my writing.

Readers when writing your comment, please add a few lines to let me know what do you like me to write in the future? Thank you all.

…….…………………………………… 🙂