Everyday Inspiration, Day Eight: Reinvent the Letter Format

Day Eight : Reinvent the Letter Format

Dear Aunt Bela,

It was a long time ago we the siblings came for a visit to  our grandparent’s house in Cheora. Though our grandparents passed away, we found you in the house. 

I asked you, Bela Auntie, how many children do you have?

You replied: I have two a boy and a girl. The girl is only a few months old.

I said: Auntie can I see the baby?

You told me I can she is in the bedroom.

I ran to see her, she was lifting one leg and then the other, she did not know who I was, but quietly played in her cradle. I thought she was so quiet, did not cry at all, even though I was a  complete stranger.

Everyday I went to the kitchen to watch you cooking, suddenly you said: Ranu it’d be so nice if someone invented a pill we could swallow instead of eating plate full of food which took so much time to cook and we ate it so quickly. Then had to wash the dishes. 

I laughed and told you, yes it’s simple, but we are humans we want to get the aroma of  food and chew and swallow it to get the taste. No auntie I don’t think your wish can be fulfilled.

We left after two months, I loved seeing you and your little girl and told my friends about our vacation.

I wanted to see you again, but couldn’t I was teaching in a school, you came to our house in Comilla, you told my mom you will visit again to see me.

Unfortunately it never happened, you suddenly passed away. 

I hope you are in heaven and do not have to cook anymore.

I love you Auntie Bela, may you rest in peace!

Your niece Ranu

…….……………………………….. 🙂