Who I am and why I’m here

My user name is Ranu. I spent most of my education in my native country Pakistan. I studied in a school, where the medium of instruction was English. I had to take one other language, I chose Bengali because it’s my mother tongue.

I completed high school in Comilla, Bangladesh. I registered in the local college, I spent two years of my undergraduate studies here. I then moved to Dhaka Bangladesh to finish my undergraduate course, which took two more years.

I stayed in Dhaka to pursue my post graduate course in Dhaka University. After passing this course I applied for a scholarship to study Bachelor of Education In Punjab University in the city of Lahore. I was selected and I fortunately passed the education degree course. I came back to Comilla after my graduation.

In Comilla I got a job in a school to teach young kids from grades one to eight. I taught here for about ten months, then moved to Dhaka and got a job in a boarding School. I taught for two years and three months, during this time I applied for a British Council Scholarship to study, ‘Teaching English As A Foreign Language,’ in London England. I won the scholarship, within two months I went to England. Our Teachers were Dr. Baird and Dr. Hill. We had teaching practice in a village named Llanberis in North Wales for two weeks, and a school in Malta for four weeks.

Upon completing this part of my education I returned home and started teaching in a school in Dhaka. I taught for about a year.I am here to see how I can use my time wisely, and not become lazy. Blogging to me is the best way of keeping in touch with education

Writing: Intro to Poetry,Day Ten : Future

Poetry,Day Ten: Future

Poetic Form : Sonnet

To an infant

An unknown world awaits you, sweet baby,

Then the fast changing world makes you wonder,

Why is everything looking so shabby,

Who’s responsible for this awful blunder!


You will think hard to find a solution,

You decide to take matters in your hands,

For this you’ll set the wheels in motion.

Not caring toiling on the  burning sands!


You call for help, but there’s no one around,

Exhausted you sit and you feel lost

Suddenly you hear a loud sound,

‘ Stay strong I’ll join you at any cost!’


Then you see this awesome guy,

Who says, ‘I told you I’d come by.’

…….………………………………. 🙂






…….……………………………….. 🙂



Writing: Intro to Poetry,Day Nine: Landscape

Poetry, Day Nine: Landscape

Poetic Device: Apostrophe

Dear Tagore,

You  left this earth long ago,

Your songs and poems we treasure more,

It always feels you are back as someone else,

In one of the verses of your song,

It says, ‘who says I am not there,

on a fine morning, I will take part in every

game, I will have a new name, then who will say,

I am, not there that morning.’

I wish you really showed up one

morning, so I can tell you,

how much I love singing your songs.

Wherever you are enjoy yourself,

you’ve left enough poems and songs

for generations to come!

Thank you!

…….…………………………………………. 🙂





Writing: Intro to Poetry, Day Eight: Pleasure

Poetry, Day Eight : Pleasure

Poetic tool: Anaphora and Epistrophe

Llanberis is a village, I wish, I can,go back there again.

Llanberis reminds me how much I want to,go back there again.

People of Llanberis are friendly, I want to, go back there again.

Threatening someone is wrong, let’s unite and stop it.

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Writing: Intro toPoetry,Day Seven: Flavor

Poetry, Day Seven: Flavor

Poetic Toolkit : Found Poetry

Found words from Allama Iqbal’s book of poems

the words are: you, has, sun, voice, his, creature, native,  moon, Brahmin, evening’s

A man pressed our doorbell one stormy day,

I asked him Sir, ‘What brings You here this way?’

His Voice was  sweet, but his face firm,

 Said, ‘I’m a Brahmin  need not be alarmed.

Native I am from your old country,

Has it occurred to you outside is stormy?

The sky is dark the moon isn’t visible,

On a day like this must you be cruel!’

His words embarrassed me so much,

I let him in then noticed him holding a crutch.

Next morning the Sun was shining at its best,

Our guest thanked us for Evening’s rest.

I thought of the words I borrowed from Iqbal,

He loved God’s Creature, one and all!

…….……………………………. 🙂







French macarons

Writing : Intro to Poetry,Day Six : Screen

Poetry, Day Six : Screen

Poetic, toolkit : Enjambment

Looking back, I am in,

Awe, thinking,


the Screen of my life.

from infant to toddler,

I have no memory,

at seven, I was,

in  a new school. The scene changed,

at twelve, Dad passed

away, and I moved,

to an unknown

place, with Mom,

and siblings. It was a difficult time,

for us all, laughter became,

a thing of, the past,

Mom struggled,

to raise us.

After many, moons,

here I am,

still in Awe, 

Watching the, snow

covered, houses,

Lawns, and streets,

How did I end,

up here?

My life resembles,

A moving Screen!

…….……………………… 🙂




Writing: Intro to Poetry,Day Four: Journey

Poetry, Day Four: Journey

Poetic device : Simile



A long road, running in to the horizon

Our Journey from St. John’s, NL to Waterville Maine, USA

We started our journey in the summer season,

The heat was intensive it  felt  like we’re in an oven

Hubby the driver loved speeding like a bullet

I  warned  if he  broke the rules, he’s in for a ticket

He told me to quit being a backseat driver

Or take the wheels and let him drink some cider

We reached Port Aux Basques and got a ferry

The thunder-like sound  made me eerie

Fortunately the ride was short as a nanosecond

Longer ride would make us deaf as nana Diamond

Our drive continued till we reached Maine

A neighbour greeted us at the door with a key chain!





Wtiting: Intro to Poetry, Day Three: Friend

Poetry, Day Three : Friend

Poetic device : Acrostic

In Memory of My Dearest Friend!

Fondly called Mini by her devoted parents

Always talkative she got her own way

Zeal she used to read news that is current

I felt meeting her was the best thing that day

Late one day she asked me about mail

All of a sudden, I asked, ‘is it a secret?’

This question worried her she began to wail

Unknowingly she kicked the bucket

No problem  pal ‘let’s think  of something’

Nancy might solve your problem

I know she can help which is comforting

She came to us and applied her wisdom

Alas our friendship was solid and Nancy  outstanding!

…….…………………….. 🙂