Everyday Inspiration, Day Nine: Writing and Not Writing

Day Nine: Writing and Not Writing

I could not figure out who I can pair up with to interview. I took the easy way out, I wanted to go in a different direction. 

A true story of one of my college days. It was a hot sunny day I and three of my residence mates, planned to go to watch a movie. We were given permission by our teacher Sr. Joseph Mary. There was one condition, we must have a chaperone with us. Haseena one of the girls said her aunt will go with us.  

We dressed up, waited near the gate for the aunt, it was getting late and we were restless, soon the aunt sent a note saying, she was unable to go, something important has come up.

This was something we did not expect,  the girl whose aunt let us down, said: let’s go anyway, the teacher won’t know if we kept quiet about this, we looked at each other and agreed, it’s not a problem.

Since we were not quite sure about the fourth girl, we asked her if it was okay with her. She also agreed. 

We got out and were walking along the road in search of a baby taxi(this is what they’re called), when suddenly a gentleman popped out of nowhere and offered to give us a ride, he was a stranger we never saw. 

Immediately I said, ‘No thank you.’

We continued walking until we stopped a taxi to take us to the movie hall. Everything went well, we watched the movie, were back in residence without any trouble.

Minutes later fourth girl came back and said, ‘Sister Joseph Mary wants to see you one at a time.’

At once we three said , ‘Why?’

The girl  cried and said, ‘Sister Joseph Mary asked me how was the movie? I felt guilty, started shaking, the teacher told me to calm down and tell her what happened. I told her we went without the chaperone.’

We faced the teacher one at a time, it was my turn, ‘Chaman, why didn’t you tell ?’ Asked the teacher.

I didn’t have a ready-made answer, I said, ‘I was afraid you’d get angry.’

We assembled  in the auditorium with rest of the residents, Sister Joseph Mary scolded us in front of the other girls, we felt bad but afraid to ask Haseena why  she did such a thing!

…….…………………………….. 😦


2 thoughts on “Everyday Inspiration, Day Nine: Writing and Not Writing

    • Dear Robert,
      Imagine me what Sister Joseph Mary would say, I was scared and felt walking to the auditorium to face her would be the biggest challenge of my life. That girl simply wanted to be in her good book, what a traitor.

      Thank you for your comment, Robert, I do appreciate hearing from you when I write something. 🙂

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