Everyday Inspiration,Day Fifteen: Take a Cue From Your Reader

Day Fifteen: Take A Cue From Your Reader

I had one request, he asked me to write an anecdote.

This is a true story: One year I went To Chicago with my kids, one was a little over three years old and the second one was not quite two. 

My husband was sick with a terrible backache, he was unable to move. His brother who lives in Chicago, wanted us to go  see his little infant. I was reluctant to leave my husband by himself and go with our little kids. 

My spouse the eldest brother, felt it was his duty to go. After some discussion I agreed, little did I think how will I manage this task. 

When the plane landed at O’ hare airport, it was past 10:30 PM, Gander time. My kids were fast asleep on the seat. I shook my three-year old, she woke up immediately. The younger one didn’t move. I hesitated help from anyone. The passenger at the back said, ‘looks like you need help.’

I looked at him and nodded, he came forward, carried her out of the plane and waited for me. 

My brother-in-law came to receive us, he was surprised to see his niece in a stranger’s arm. 

He asked me, ‘looks like Anita, but who’s the gentleman carrying her?’

‘It’s a passenger, he took pity on me and asked if he can help.’

Two weeks later we were flying back to Gander, on the way we had a stop over in Montreal. Next day I had my luggage ready for our friend to give us a ride to the airport. 

I put my luggage in a cart and wheeled it in front of the Air Canada counter, the line was long. My friend said, ‘I will take care of the kids while you’re checking in.’ 

Moments later my friend was back with my older kid, ‘where is Anita I asked?

‘I don’t know, ‘ she said, ‘wasn’t she with you?’

“No.’ I said in panic.

I stepped back a few feet from the line, I saw Anita running, I ran as fast as I could  and picked her up in my arms, the escalator down was  a  yard or two away. I thought I’d lose my balance, checked myself and started walking. I forgot to pray or thank God for His help!

…….……………………………………. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Everyday Inspiration,Day Fifteen: Take a Cue From Your Reader

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for sharing this nice story.

    I like the part near the end: “I stepped back a few feet from the line, I saw Anita running, I ran as fast as I could and picked her up in my arms…” 🙂

    All good wishes,


  2. Thank you so much for sharing this anecdote. Yes, I had requested you to share more anecdotes, and I feel honoured that you did so. This is a very touching one, and yes, terrifying too, as mentioned in a comment above. Like Robert, I also liked those last few lines best because of how you have built up the entire post to that climax. It has also left me thinking, parents go through so much while raising their kids, and so much of it happens at such a young age in the life of their kids that they may not even remember all of it when they grow up.

    Really, once again, thank you very much for writing this.

    • When I recalled that day, I wondered what would have happened if I could not find her. Would I blame myself or my husband who forced me to go to Chicago to see his niece. He was unaware of the fact that I was going alone with two little kids. The end was happy, what if it wasn’t!

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