Writing : Intro to Poetry,Day Six : Screen

Poetry, Day Six : Screen

Poetic, toolkit : Enjambment

Looking back, I am in,

Awe, thinking,


the Screen of my life.

from infant to toddler,

I have no memory,

at seven, I was,

in  a new school. The scene changed,

at twelve, Dad passed

away, and I moved,

to an unknown

place, with Mom,

and siblings. It was a difficult time,

for us all, laughter became,

a thing of, the past,

Mom struggled,

to raise us.

After many, moons,

here I am,

still in Awe, 

Watching the, snow

covered, houses,

Lawns, and streets,

How did I end,

up here?

My life resembles,

A moving Screen!

…….……………………… 🙂