Who I am and why I’m here

My user name is Ranu. I spent most of my education in my native country Pakistan. I studied in a school, where the medium of instruction was English. I had to take one other language, I chose Bengali because it’s my mother tongue.

I completed high school in Comilla, Bangladesh. I registered in the local college, I spent two years of my undergraduate studies here. I then moved to Dhaka Bangladesh to finish my undergraduate course, which took two more years.

I stayed in Dhaka to pursue my post graduate course in Dhaka University. After passing this course I applied for a scholarship to study Bachelor of Education In Punjab University in the city of Lahore. I was selected and I fortunately passed the education degree course. I came back to Comilla after my graduation.

In Comilla I got a job in a school to teach young kids from grades one to eight. I taught here for about ten months, then moved to Dhaka and got a job in a boarding School. I taught for two years and three months, during this time I applied for a British Council Scholarship to study, ‘Teaching English As A Foreign Language,’ in London England. I won the scholarship, within two months I went to England. Our Teachers were Dr. Baird and Dr. Hill. We had teaching practice in a village named Llanberis in North Wales for two weeks, and a school in Malta for four weeks.

Upon completing this part of my education I returned home and started teaching in a school in Dhaka. I taught for about a year.I am here to see how I can use my time wisely, and not become lazy. Blogging to me is the best way of keeping in touch with education