Learning the Fundamentals, Day Eleven: Make a Prompt Personal

Day Eleven: Make a Prompt Personal

A Pondering Papaya:

One day my mom left a papaya on a plate for me. There was a whole and there was a half, her idea was if I saw what it looks like inside I will be curious to find out how it tastes. This kind of motivation never struck me. I dislike fruit.

She pleaded to the papaya to convince me. The papaya played the disappearing game. I looked the other way.

It was angry, suddenly I heard, ‘Hey Ranu, Eat me I’m healthy.’

Me: How do you know you are a healthy fruit?

Papaya: Everyone says my flesh is tasty and healthy.

Me: Really, did they say you smell?

Papaya: No, this is a dumb question.

Me: You know I am right. I want you to disappear for good.

Papaya: One day you’ll look for me in the supermarket and won’t find me, guess what I’ll say; sorry chum you should’ve tried when you had a chance.