Our Creator by Ranu( A story)

Long, long time ago the creator of our planet wanted to experiment something new.

He gathered His Angels and expressed His wish. The Angels from A to Z protested vehemently.

The littlest Angel with its sweet voice said: It is not a good thing to create humans, they will fight and cause bloodshed, please God give up this idea.

He told His Angels, you do not know what I know.

Ignoring the plea of the Angel, God continued to elaborate His plan. I will use clay to create the form with care, then I will breathe into its shape and it will come alive.

The human was created.Not wasting any second He ordered the Angels to bow to the human. All the angels did as told but one of them refused.

God was angry and threw him out of heaven. While leaving, the rebel angel said, ‘alright then I will cause chaos, give wrong advice to the humans, your world would be a very difficult place to live, until the day of judgement.

8 thoughts on “Our Creator by Ranu( A story)

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this post!

    Hope you and your loved ones are staying well in this current world condition.

    In an unusual way, it seems the rebel angel then, perhaps, contributes to conditions which cause us to struggle for freedom from our constricted, strategic selves which seem to drive so much suffering.

    All good wishes,


    • Dear Sonya,
      Nice to get your response. I think God has decided to punish us, He wasn’t going to let anyone get away for causing all this upheaval in the world. Mankind needed something strong to behave themselves, therefore COVID-19 came into being.

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