Discover prompt, Day 10: orchestrate

The Most Delicious Dinner

Three months ago I invited a friend of ours to dinner. The menu was simple I cooked pilaf, chicken, a mixed vegetable, beef curry and a salad.

My daughter was responsible for putting together the right vegetables for making the salad. This dish had sliced cucumber, tomatoes, green and red peppers, red onion and some spicy chillies.

Selina sliced and diced the vegetables, put them together, and sprinkled some lemon juice and a pinch of salt.

I took the task of cooking beef, chicken, vegetable and rice.

Beef takes more time to cook than the other things. I had the beef cut in small pieces, then diced three onions. Put the large pot on the stove, heated it and added some oil, then poured the diced onions, when the onions were soft, I added the spices such as ground cayenne, coriander, cumin and ginger garlic paste. I let the ingredients fry for five minutes. Last I added the beef and salt, and I waited till the water in the beef evaporates. Then I put the beef mixture in a pre-heated oven to cook for an hour.

After taking care of the beef I turned my attention to chicken which was marinating for half an hour with yoghurt and some mild spices. I used a large onion diced it and put the onion in another pot. After a few minutes I added a few spices and then the chicken. The chicken only takes half of the time compared to beef.

When both meats were cooked I put them in serving dishes. The last item was mixed vegetables, I buy frozen, therefore it takes a short time to cook. I only use a sprinkle of black pepper and salt and two tablespoons of vegetable oil.

Rice was the last item on my list. It’s an important dish, you need rice to eat the meats and the vegetable dishes.

The food was ready before 6 pm. Our guest arrived on time and we had a delicious meal.

For dessert I served ice-cream which all of us enjoyed .