Discover Prompts, Day 13: Teach

In my undergraduate course I found Economics a tough subject to master, I especially had problem with, “Quantity Theory Of Money. “

I asked my brother, who had completed his Honours degree in Commerce, to help me understand, Quantity Theory Of Money. He was delighted, he asked me to get my book. He sat down with me and kept repeating certain words that bored me to death. After putting me through this ringer, for two hours he asked me, Ranu do you understand?

Let me tell you, I promised myself I’ll never ask my brother to teach me anything.

Years later, I completed my teaching degree, I got a job in the local town. One of the subject my Grade four kids had trouble with was Spelling, believe it or not.

All they had to learn to spell was 20 new words in one week. One mother called me in the evening and complained she had a lot of trouble teaching her little boy with the twenty words I gave to learn.

I asked, ‘How long do you take to teach these words?’

Two hours, she replied.

Two hours, no you only need five minutes each day.

She toiled hard, and she was tough with the kid, he was sick of it.

Friday was the day I gave all the kids a Spelling test. The kid who spent two hours a day made the most mistakes.

One evening while thinking of the kid’s problem learning how to spell. I thought of the day when my brother took as much time to teach me.

My conclusion from this experience is there is a right way and a wrong way.

Both my brother and the mother of the kid chose the rote method, which hardly works.

2 thoughts on “Discover Prompts, Day 13: Teach

  1. Dear Ranu,

    We like the part of this story about your brother. What a blessing it is to have loved ones who help when they can :).

    All good wishes,


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