Discover Prompts, Day 20 : Music

Discover prompt, Day 20: Music

In Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night, Orsinio was so frustrated in his courtship of Olivia, he asked for more music, thinking excessive music will cure his love. I know more food can cure hunger. But Music I do not think can cure love.

I like songs sung by singers who are professionals. There are some songs I like which I can continue to listen several times.

One song that deserves mention is Tagore’s song, ‘Forever Me.’ I listened thirteen times, but did not want to continue because the owner might think I’m crazy.

I still love it but I cannot embed the song because I’m not allowed by the owner.

If I only translate the lyrics and publish it, the reader won’t feel the sound of music,

6 thoughts on “Discover Prompts, Day 20 : Music

    • Thank you Clouch, I wanted to embed the song and translate it, but if I’m not allowed to use the song the translation may not be that useful. 🙂

  1. Dear Ranu,

    I always appreciate your love of, and sharing of, Tagore. Even here, although you can’t share the song, your love of him comes through!

    All good wishes,


    • Dear Robert,
      Thank you for your comment. I feel the melody of the song and the translation are both needed to get the point across, one without the other may not attract the person who can only read but cannot hear the song. You already know a lot, it’s easy to make you understand. 🙂

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